October 25, 2015

Sweeping In A Whirlwind

Can we work our way into heaven? Why does the scripture say that many will say “Lord we did this or that in your name” but He will say – “depart from me, I knew you not?”

There is really nothing we can do to earn our way into heaven. If we are focusing our attention on doing good so that we can tally points, then we are on the wrong road.

Firstly, we are saved by one thing only and that is the finished work of the cross. Many of us have yet to come into that understanding. Yet, the scripture is quite clear, “I AM the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except by Me.” These are the words of Jesus Christ Himself. Yet He, by taking on all the difficulties, the burdens, the sins and everything the enemy has thrown at us, has made it easy for us to be saved.

If we confess with our mouth and accept in our hearts that Jesus is Lord to the glory of God the Father, we shall be saved – Romans 10:9.

Have you ever tried to sweep a porch on a windy day? It is as if you can never get it clean. It is the same if we try to live by the law and not by faith. We live under condemnation because we will never get it right. Yet we are “saved by Grace through faith”. This Grace enables us to approach the throne of our Father to receive the mercy that He has already provided for us through the finished work of the cross.

We no longer have to live under the condemnation of crime and punishment, but the conviction that brings repentance and forgiveness. Finished means, complete and utterly ended. Your past is just that, your past. The old you is dead and gone and a new man has arisen that is born of the Spirit and the Blood. We become righteous not because of anything we can do to earn it, but because His righteousness had been imputed to us. In other words, because of the cross and His Blood, righteousness that is His by right, has been transferred to us once we accept and believe the finished work of the cross.

This is not something that can be accepted on an intellectual level. That soulish part of us must be bypassed. The processing of this transference of His righteousness to us must happen in our hearts. Once it becomes accepted in our heart, in our spirit and accepted as true, then our soul and bodies will align themselves accordingly.

It is not our works that says we are saved. Salvation is an issue of the heart. It is a purposing in our hearts to accepts Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. My pastor once said “many of us have accepted Him as saviour, few of us have accepted Him as Lord”. But we have been bought with a price that none of us could have paid and we are not our own. As I said, our works cannot save us, but because we are saved, we do the works. The works – feeding the poor, clothing the naked, giving alms to the poor, visiting the imprisoned and the sick, from the right positioning of the heart, will be because we want to demonstrate the love of Christ to our fellow man.

Sylvia M Dallas

Poet, Author, Photographer and Teacher of the Word and CEO and Director of Creator Services at The Publisher's Notebook Limited based in Jamaica. She is married to Rohan Dallas, is a proud grandmother, loves coffee (Jamaican, of course), loves great tasting and healthy food, love to cook and is an unabashed follower of Jesus Christ.  Her books AND THE PRISONERS HEARD THEM, THE RIGHT KIND OF INTIMACY and THE BED DEFILED are available on Amazon.

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