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I thoroughly research the topics to be presented.
I spend time in prayer
I use life experiences to connect with my audience
I pull audience participation with Q & A sessions


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Who am I?

I was born on June 9, 1965 in the parish of Kingston.  I am the second child of Alice Walker and William St John Straw. I was saved from the age of ten years old after hearing the Gospel preached on the bus.  I reasoned that only Jesus could help me to survive the things I was going through.   I walked wide over the divide of the Lord and the world for thirty-six years until 2007.  The Holy Spirit arrested me and asked me, “Sylvia, when you walk over a crack what happens?” I responded, “well, I guess you will be divided.” He asked, “What happens when the crack gets wider?”  I replied, “well you have to pick a side.”  He said, “Pick a side now.”  I did and have not looked back since.

I am a Poet, Photographer, Publisher and Author intent on fulfilling my divine purpose. Moving from the role of sensuous poet to new works in Christ, I am determined that all my works must glorify God.  I write easy to understand books and blogs that explain the Scriptures, and have published four books through my publishing house – The Publisher’s Notebook Ltd – which focuses on the Christian genre. A passionate teacher of the Word, my focus (though not exclusively so) is usually based on faith, giving, relationship with and intimacy with God. I also research the Word and present a feature called Know The Facts at my local assembly.  I am sometimes sent out from my local assembly to minister at other churches and am currently working on my new series of books called Undying Love.



Video - I AM (poem)
Video Clip - God will rebuke you for your own sake
Video Clip - Are you your own devourer?

What People Are Saying About Me

When it comes to engaging persons on varying topics Sylvia Dallas has a natural knack and this is possible because of her life experiences . Whenever she teaches it enables me, informs me and strengthens me in whatever situation I am facing. She inspires the confidence to tackle unmoveable obstacles. Her life examples brings her home to her audience as they can indeed relate to the varied scenarios. Sylvia's knowledge of the word in seen in her delivery of the word and the research that she does before her presentations.
Vivienne Christie
8 West, Greater Portmore, St Catherine, Jamaica
The Writers' Kaveret was a very uplifting experience for aspiring christian writers. I was inspired, challenged, motivated, educated but most of all blessed.
Opal Minott
Attendee - Writers' Kaveret 2016
I have known Sylvia Dallas for quite sometime and have had the pleasure of having her ministering at our church. We thoroughly enjoy the way she articulates and delivers the Word which keeps her audience glued to her as she deliberates. We enjoy her ministry very much.
Angel Victory
Pastor & Author of Pain To Victory
Fountain Of Life Church
Braeton, Portmore

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Frequently Requested Topics

Come As You Are
Do you have to "clean up your life" before accepting Jesus Christ? He says "come as you are". In the Old as well as the New Testament He offers to clean up the dirt.
The Necessity of Oil & How To Keep It Flowing
Is anointing necessary? What does it have to do with your liver? How do you keep the oil flowing?
The Effects of Dehydration
What are the symptoms of a dehydrated spirit?
More Topics
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