June 16, 2014

Reward from Man or God? Part 2

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So we left off where Abram is being offered the spoils of war by the King of Sodom.  He refuses because he does not want this king to be ever able to say that he made him rich.

If truth be told, some of us would have gladly quoted ” the wealth of the wicked is stored up for the righteous” and take the money and run.  In so doing we would have missed out on a greater reward…that of a reward from God.  There are some carrots that are dangled before us that have worms.

How would we know if we should take the reward? Ask God first. Now Abram was a man whose life was one of constant fellowship with God. Because of this fellowship with God He was able to know the mind of God. He also said to the King of Sodom that he Abram swore to God in an oath that not even a shoelace would he take. So obviously he had a conversation with God about this battle.

Shortly after Abram returns from rescuing Lot and the people of Sodom, God visits him and tells him that “I am your shield and your great reward.” It is at this time that God cut a covenant with Abram and changed his name to Abraham.

Sometimes we find ourselves in desperate staits, and we have to understand that the first person that comes and offers us a way out, may not be the blessing we are looking for.  In fact the person that looks least able to help us is quite likely the person that God has enabled to do so. I can guarantee that if you practice speaking and listening to God, His Spirit will guide you into all truth.

Scriptures for this post Genesis 14 & 15

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