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THE BED DEFILED: Disharmony After Matrimony? Why? (Amazon)

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Some of the challenges that are highlighted are ones that pastors, families, men and women, face within and without our churches. Many hide from these issues, but Sylvia faces them head on.

Bishop Neville Owens – Love and Faith World Outreach Ministries

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The Bed Defiled: Disharmony After Matrimony? Why? Book Cover The Bed Defiled: Disharmony After Matrimony? Why?
Sylvia M Dallas
Christian: Family & Relationships; Marriage
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I think that the most disturbing thing about the high rate of divorce in the church for me is not only the agony that comes in the wake of such destruction, but the effect on the unbelieving couple when they see a Christian marriage fall apart.  When they see this, I believe that one of two things happen; (a) the reinforcement of their belief that OUR belief in God is foolishness, or (b) that there is no hope for their marriage.

I am not a marriage guru, or counsellor.  I am quite simply a wife who was in search of answers to the myriad of problems I was facing in my marriage.  I believe that wrong positioning causes us to miss the great things of God in our lives, and recognizing that God is indeed a God of order, I was seeking answers on how to get my marriage in order.
I had to deal with the issues of fear, misplacement of our faith, broken covenants and how I pray over my the life of my husband. A question that kept coming up in my talks with my peers..."Does the Christian couple have a safe place in the church to air their concerns on any topic relating to their marriage including the issue of sex?"   I was astounded that most churches that I sought to invite to the launch of this book locally did not have a married couples' ministry.  Thankfully at my own church, there is a very vibrant one.
I hope this book ministers to you as it did to me.

Is the bed clean just because you have spread a new sheet on top of the dirty one? Is the house clean if it is not swept, but you have put up new drapes? Many couples live together in relative harmony before getting married, but as soon as they are married, all hell seems to break loose. why is this so? Sylvia examines this phenomenon based on the Word of God. The simplicity of the answer may surprise you.


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