The Word

Often times we go to God telling Him about "the problem", as if we believe the He cannot see for Himself.  But we have the power to speak His Word creatively over the lives of: our children, our spouses, our business, our homes, our communities our schools our church our nation. We just need to…
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Be A Man of God

It requires testicular fortitude for a man to follow Jesus.  A man who has his identity in Christ is indeed courageous.  It takes courage: to stand for righteousness when others won't to declare the Word of God when others deny Him turn the other cheek when it is easier to retaliate to forgive even when…
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The Trajectory of Healing & Victory

The cycle of pain, of hurting people who hurt people, can only be broken when someone decides, " I will not do to others, that which had been done to me". When this decision is taken, it moves us from an unhealthy orbit and places us on a trajectory of healing and victory.   Continued…
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The Bondage of Evil Orbits

Continued from When We Ignore The Sore An eye for an eye ends up making the whole world blind - Mahatma Ghandi When we ignore the sore or the wounds meted out to our emotions, we carry from generation to generation feelings of hatred, unforgiveness, resentment among other things.  I have heard stories of children in…
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Prepared For The Washing? What is really involved when we ask God to wash us clean?

Imagine that you are a piece of laundry.  You become dirty and are thrown into a washing machine with (gasp!) other dirty clothes.  Firstly,  you are inundated with water, and cleaning agents.  Then suddenly, you are in for the ride of your life, thrown from side to side, bouncing against and sometimes becoming entangled with…
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When We Ignore The Sore

Why are we surprised when wounds left untreated and unattended become sores that ooze pus and blood? What we are seeing in our society is the result of accepting as normal things which are not. The result of calling good evil, and evil good.  We have men, women and children who carry their hurts and pains…
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