Almost 50% Discount – THE BED DEFILED – Disharmony After Matrimony? Why?

Share this on WhatsApp Title: THE BED DEFILED – Disharmony After Matrimony? Why? Author: Sylvia M Dallas Genre: Christian, Family & Relationships, Marriage Publisher: The Publisher's Notebook Limited Release Date: November 16, 2015 Format: Paperback Pages: 97 pages Topics Covered: Chapter 1: Single, Alone or Lonely – are they the same? Chapter 2: Getting Married? What’s Your […]

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The Harvest Is Upon Us

Share this on WhatsAppThe Lord demonstrated something to me this morning.  My mother has two trees that were bearing mature fruit and we did not notice.  The mature breadfruit were high in the tree and hidden among the leaves.  We could only see them if we looked from a particular angle.  Also the otahetie apple […]

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HE Never Stops Providing

Share this on WhatsAppMy neighbor has a very prolific lime tree part of which hangs over onto my side of the fence.  When it is in season, every morning without fail I would pick up six or seven limes. I love lemonade and I use them in almost every drink I make.   One day, I […]

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Let’s Go Together

Share this on WhatsAppI learned a very important lesson in church recently as we were having ministry during a night service.  As our pastor made an altar call, I passed a young lady sitting with a child in her lap with tears streaming down her face.  She called to me and I asked he what was […]

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Love / Hate Relationship

Share this on WhatsAppI love technology. I love getting to know the inside how a program works inside/out.  One of my many talents that has served me well over the years is that you could give me any application (WordPerfect, Microsoft Office, TurboPay, Quickbooks etc)1)™ and I could learn it, and teach it within two […]

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Flying Chickens and Exceptional Service

Share this on WhatsApp  When I was three my mother was diagnosed with a serious condition that caused the doctor to pronounce that she had six months to live.  Well they did not tell her which six months and she is still alive.  She said that she prayed to God and asked Him to spare […]

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