April 15, 2014

Loose the colt, Jesus has need of him

As I pondered this scripture in LUKE 19:30 and Matthew 21:2-7 I immediately pictured the colt never ridden and tied up.  It was alive but had no liberty. It had not yet begun to experience that which it was purposed for.

In the same way we find ourselves living, but in bondage.  Because of this bondage we are kept from experiencing all that we were purposed for.  The word of God says in JEREMIAH 29:11, that plans for us to live in health and all that prospers us were already drawn up before we were formed in the womb.  Because of the bondage we experience we never really experience the fullness of all that,was planned for us.

For all that goes wrong to divert us from fulfilling all the plans that were made for us by our Heavenly Father, deliverance from our bondage awaits us.  At the right time, the Lord will send someone to pray you through your situation.  You may not even see them, but the Lord will awaken their spirit and insert a need to pray for you, even if they do not know you.

At the time of your deliverance, all that binds you becomes loose and you are free to fulfill the purpose for which you were designed.  The colt was destined to carry the King of Kings into Jerusalem. Jesus had need of him.  He has a need of you too.

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Sylvia M Dallas

Poet, Author, Photographer and Teacher of the Word and CEO and Director of Creator Services at The Publisher's Notebook Limited based in Jamaica. She is married to Rohan Dallas, is a proud grandmother, loves coffee (Jamaican, of course), loves great tasting and healthy food, love to cook and is an unabashed follower of Jesus Christ.  Her books AND THE PRISONERS HEARD THEM, THE RIGHT KIND OF INTIMACY and THE BED DEFILED are available on Amazon.

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