July 29, 2014

Identity Crisis (Part 3)

Continued from Identity Crisis (Part 2)

Everything about our self life was crucified with Christ.  When we return to a self life we not only take it off the cross, but we make a mockery of the sacrifice that Jesus made for us. The corruption that is in us from birth expresses itself in our self life (Ephesians 2:3 – TPT) When we became born again, that self life, the life subject to the dictates of our flesh was buried in the tomb with Christ. Upon accepting Him as Lord and Saviour, we are born anew subjecting our Spirit to the dictates of the Holy Spirit who dwells in us.

Which leaves us where? Who is this new person that we have become? The Bible says we are a new creation in Christ Jesus. Therefore, we need to determine the qualities or characteristics of this new identity.

Understanding our identity in Christ can only come about by studying the Word that is written about Him.  For indeed as it is written in John 1, He was the Word of God made flesh.  In Him is life and that life is the light of men.  It shines into the very darkness of our hearts.  Because we receive Him, He has given us power to become sons of God.

He is compassion itself.  The Gospels are replete with testimonies of His compassionate grace through which He healed the sick, freed those suffering from demonic oppression and comforted those who mourned.  He is able to relate to all the temptations that we face, because as a man he faced them all.  He did not face them in His divinity.   He fortified Himself by living  a life of prayer and depended on the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  But all of what He did, the miracles He performed, the teachings He did and eventually His death on the cross came out of a loving relationship with His Father.

When we identify ourselves with Christ, we are identifying ourselves with victory.  We are identifying ourselves with His resurrected life of which WE are the prime beneficiaries.  In identifying ourselves with Jesus, we are proclaiming to everyone that “THIS IS WHO I AM.”  When we recognize that the Word of God is true when it says “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”, failure is not an option for us.  We are so much more fortunate and blessed than the people who live in the old testament -the very people to whom we like to compare ourselves.  The Spirit of the Lord rested on them but WE have the Holy Spirit living IN us.  He is our guide to truth.  Yet even if we compare ourselves to these old testament characters, let us identify with their victories instead of their fall.  When we fall into sexual sin, let us instead of saying as an excuse “David was a man of God but he had sex with his friend’s wife and killed him and God forgave him”  Look instead at why God forgave him.  He was repentant and when confronted with his sin, did not try to make excuses, but threw himself on the mercy of God.

When we fall in to ANY sin, our attitude should be one of being repentant, not being sorry for the moment.  It should be one of Godly sorrow that enables us to turn from that sin, not to repeat it.  Too often we give ourselves excuses, a most common one is that “we are human so we must sin.”  I have news for you – to sin is to actually be inhuman.  We were created without sin.  Sin came about because Eve had a desire to rely on a knowledge outside of God and gave in to it.

Finally, if Jesus becomes our identity, we can rest assured that because He had victory over EVERY sin, we also walk in that victory.  You can only be certain if you abide in the Word.


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Sylvia M Dallas

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