December 16, 2015

How To Memorize Scripture Quickly & Easily – Jacob Friedman

How To Memorize Scripture Quickly & Easily ASIN B016H2AOP0 Book Cover How To Memorize Scripture Quickly & Easily ASIN B016H2AOP0
Jacob Friedman
Jacob Friedman
October 10, 2015

Are you a visual, auditory or tactile learner.  Use the techniques mentioned in this book and apply them to learning the Scriptures

Mr Friedman, I thank you  for this  book.   I have purchased quite a few books on this topic since I recommitted my life  to Christ over 4  1/2  years ago.  I was able to with this book, using the methods you have  outlined to memorize more scripture than usual.

For example, because I am a poet, I would take a verse and create a poetic interpretation from it.

One of  my favorites: Jeremiah 15:16 – Thy words were found and I do eat them [and they were more tasty to me than all the  delicacies of the tables of  men]  and thy Word was unto me the  joy and  rejoicing  of mine heart [for Your Word carries me into Your Presence where there is joy everlasting] for I am called by Your name O Lord of Hosts [my identity is in You O Great God, and I am able to cry out ‘Abba Father’]

I know I  makes the verse longer, but by speaking out the  verse in this  way, (auditory) an  visualizing  myself in this Word, I am able to memorize it because  it now means  more to me and  becomes real.  The techniques that you have outlined for determining my learning pattern have been invaluable.

I have been reading it over an  each time I glean a new  tip.  I wholeheartedly recommended  this Book

Sylvia M Dallas

Poet, Author, Photographer and Teacher of the Word and CEO and Director of Creator Services at The Publisher's Notebook Limited based in Jamaica. She is married to Rohan Dallas, is a proud grandmother, loves coffee (Jamaican, of course), loves great tasting and healthy food, love to cook and is an unabashed follower of Jesus Christ.  Her books AND THE PRISONERS HEARD THEM, THE RIGHT KIND OF INTIMACY and THE BED DEFILED are available on Amazon.

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