June 23, 2014

Aren’t You Going To Invite Me In? Part 2

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Scripture: EPHESIANS 4:27-end

In the days of door to door salesmen, they used to have a foot on a stick that they would put  between the doorway as soon as it was opened so that the door could not be slammed in their faces. This was called a foothold.  In the same way, when we commit the ‘little’ sins we give the enemy a legal entry into our lives.  Suddenly you no longer have control over your own doorway, then one day you find yourself with a lot of uninvited guests.  Uninvited guests tend to make the house nasty. They sometimes create such a mess that you have to get professional help to have your house properly cleaned.

I say sometimes because some uninvited guests are a lot more subtle. They simply come in, carefully hide something and leave.  One day something putrid stinks up your house and you have a hard time finding the source.  Again you are going to need professional help to sort this out.

There are times when you are going to be wondering when and how did this happen?  Let’s say that you are the cashier for a business that is not yours. Suffice it to say, you are in a position of trust. One day, as you are leaving the office, you remember that your child needs a pencil.  They are right there at your cash register, so you think of taking one home for your child. As soon as the thought comes, you reason that ‘it’s just a small item that no one will miss,’ and you take the pencil, carry it home for your child and never think about it again.  The seed has been planted.

To be continued

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Sylvia M Dallas

Poet, Author, Photographer and Teacher of the Word and CEO and Director of Creator Services at The Publisher's Notebook Limited based in Jamaica. She is married to Rohan Dallas, is a proud grandmother, loves coffee (Jamaican, of course), loves great tasting and healthy food, love to cook and is an unabashed follower of Jesus Christ.  Her books AND THE PRISONERS HEARD THEM, THE RIGHT KIND OF INTIMACY and THE BED DEFILED are available on Amazon.

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