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Sylvia M Dallas: Poet, Author, Publisher

I was born on June 9, 1965 in the parish of Kingston.  I am the second child of Alice Walker and William St John Straw. I was saved from the age of ten years old after hearing the Gospel preached on the bus.  I reasoned that only Jesus could help me to survive the things I was going through.   I walked wide over the divide of the Lord and the world for thirty-six years until 2007.  The Holy Spirit arrested me and asked me, “Sylvia, when you walk over a crack what happens?” I responded, “well, I guess you will be divided.” He asked, “What happens when the crack gets wider?”  I replied, “well you have to pick a side.”  He said, “Pick a side now.”  I did and have not looked back since.

I am a Poet, Photographer, Publisher and Author intent on fulfilling my divine purpose. Moving from the role of sensuous poet to new works in Christ, I am determined that all my works must glorify God. I write easy to understand books and blogs that explain the Scriptures, and have published four books through my publishing house – The Publisher’s Notebook Ltd – which focuses on the Christian genre. A passionate teacher of the Word, my focus (though not exclusively so) is usually based on faith, giving, relationship with and intimacy with God. I also research the Word and present a feature called Know The Facts at my local assembly. I am sometimes sent out from my local assembly to minister at other churches and am currently working on my new series of books called Undying Love.

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